asheville remodeling

As a local remodeling contractor in Asheville, NC, we offer excellent customer service and quality work. We provide you with the one on one attention and information that allows you to make informed decisions. We prepare detailed budgets and encourage input through all phases of the project from design to product selection.

kitchen remodeling

Remodeling or updating a kitchen is one of the most rewarding and significant changes you can make to your home. It is also one of the most involved projects. We help guide you through the process.

Asheville Remodeling Collective specializes in kitchen remodeling. We emphasize the Collective because it takes a team. Typically, a full kitchen remodel will involve a plumber, an electrician, a cabinet manufacturer, a countertop fabricator as well as installers for the cabinets, flooring, backsplash and hoods. If the design calls for moving walls, then we handle the framing, drywall and painting. Therefore, it is crucial to have a team that is knowledgeable with all aspects of your project

Kitchen remodels are also unique in the challenges they present to your daily lives. While most homes have an extra bath, typically they only have one kitchen. We understand this inconvenience and will coordinate with you and your family to minimize the impact of the remodel.

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bathroom remodeling

Bathroom Remodels usually fall into two categories. Those that require a change in the layout and those that don't. Changing the layout of a bathroom requires special attention to where the existing waste lines are located and where the new lines need to be installed. The type of foundation will also play a role. Unfinished basements and crawl spaces provide more flexibility, while finished basements and concrete slabs make changes more involved.

If the layout will remain the same, then we can provide options with pricing concerning the extent of the update. For example, do you want to replace or refinish your existing tub? Do you want to change the complete faucet including the valves or just update the face plate? Do you want to add a larger vanity to gain more countertop space or reduce the size to make the bathroom feel larger?

asheville decks

Asheville, NC is a great place to live. Spending time outdoors is one of the best ways to soak up the mountain air and enjoy the wonderful views. Decks provide a great outdoor living space. On our Decks page, you will find information that will help you:

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